Managing Enqueued Files with Better WP Minify

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The final part of the guide to the Better WP Minify WordPress plugin will show you how to manage the enqueued files that will have been detected by the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to BWP Minify via your Dashboard and use the dropdown menu to go to the Enqueued Files page. You will find a list of all your JS and CSS files that have been queued by the plugin. The first lot of files are the JS files.


Step 3) Go through your list of files one by one and take the appropriate action, including moving it to the footer of the page, minifying it, or removing it altogether. You can also change the position of the file in your site.


Step 4) If you like, you can insert the scripts/filenames into the box on the right-hand side, which will sort them out for you without you having to use the list.


Step 5) After you’ve worked out your JS files, scroll down the page to your enqueued CSS files. The files detected by the plugin will show, with the handle, position, media, style script and actions to take all laid out for you. Click on Actions to minify or remove the files.


Step 6) Alternatively, you can use the right-hand sidebar to add files/style script directly into the actions (styles not to minify, styles to remove) provided, and then hit <Save changes at the bottom of the page to take action on the CSS and JS files you’ve targeted for action.

To clear your lists altogether, hit the button next to Save changes, marked Clear File Lists.


This concludes our guide of the Better WP Minify plugin.


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