Managing Shortcodes using WP Media Category Management

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The final step in the guide to the WP Media Category Management WordPress plugin will focus on managing your shortcodes, including adding them to a WordPress post.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Admin Panel, click on WP MCM >> MCM Shortcodes. Make sure to read the shortcode information on this page so that you understand how the process works.


Step 3) Copy the shortcode in the box shown below.


Step 4) Now head to All Posts >> Add New to open a new post, and add the shortcode into your post as shown below. Add the name of the Category you wish to add to your post in the shortcode.


Step 5) When you have finished, hit the Publish button, and then View Post to take a look at the finished article.


Step 6) Below is an example of how the category will look when embedded into your post using the shortcode.


This concludes the guide to the WP Media Category Management WordPress plugin.

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