Managing Your Sliders with the Easing Slider WordPress Plugin

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The fifth step in the guide to the Easing Slider WordPress plugin will focus on the management of your sliders, from duplicating, editing and deleting them, to finding the shortcodes that you can then add to your posts and pages.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Sliders >> All Sliders to see your full list of available sliders.


Step 3) On your list of sliders, you will find the ID, Title, Author, Publishing Date, Shortcode and Template Function for each individual slider.


Step 4) When you want to add a slider to a post or page on your site, copy the shortcode of your slider as shown below and add it to the main body of your post or page.


Step 5) Each slider can be edited, duplicated or deleted by hovering over the name of the slider and then clicking on the option you require when it appears.


Step 6) If you duplicate a slider, it will change to [Name] – Copy, like the example below shows. This is useful when you are creating sliders that are similar to existing ones, but you want to save time starting it from scratch.


The next step in the guide will show you how to add a slider to your WordPress posts.


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