How to Add a New Map Location to An Existing Map in MapifyPro

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In this section of the guide to the MapifyPro plugin, we will show you how to add a new Map Location and assign the Map Location to an existing map.

If these steps are not performed, the Map Locations will not display on the Map.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to MapifyPro -> Map Locations -> Add New.


Step 3) Complete the fields as follows:

For this example, the Greenwich Location for Saks will be added.

A. Title Enter a Title for this Map Location.
For this example, Greenwich Location was added.
B. Body In the Body area, you can enter a paragraph about the location.
For this example, the Body was left blank.
C. Map From the Map list, click to select a map to associate this location with.
For this example, the Saks Map created in an earlier Guide was selected.
D. Map Filter Tags These tags allow users to filter location results via a dropdown list located on the map.

Map Filter Tags for this location were created in an earlier Guide.

Click the Choose from the most used Location Tags hyperlink to display a list of existing Map Filter Tags.

Click 06830 to add this tag.



E. Map Tags This area displays a list of Tags associated with the Map selected in D. above.
F. Enable Popup From the dropdown list, select Yes if you want to enable the Popup feature.
For this example, the default value of Yes was not changed.
G. Close Tooltip Select Automatically if you want the Tooltip popup to close automatically.
Manually is usually only selected when the Tooltip contains a hyperlink.
H. Tooltip Enter text for your Tooltip.
For this example, the Saks Greenwich Location and address was entered.
I. Pin Image You can either upload a new Pin Image to use for this Map Location, or leave the default pin image to be the one selected for the Saks Map.

Click here for instructions on how to select a new Pin Image.

For this example, no changes were made.



J. Video Embed Code Use Vimeo or YouTube iframe embed codes to include a video in your location’s pop-up gallery.

For this example, the code to embed a Saks YouTube Video was entered.

K. Video Description If you are including a video, you can enter a description here that will appear beneath the video in the gallery.

For this example, the description Let’s Go Shopping at Saks! was entered.

L. Gallery Image To add an image to the Saks Greenwich Location Gallery, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Image icon to display the Media Library.
  • Select an existing image from the Media Library or click the Upload tab to upload a new image.

To add additional images, click the Add Entry button and repeat the above steps.

For this example, only one image was added to the Gallery.



M. Share Services Place a checkmark in the checkbox for each Share Service you want.

For this example, Twitter and Facebook were selected.

N. Location Enter the address for Map Location. Click the Magnifying Glass button to locate this address.

For this example, 205 Greenwich Ave. Greenwich CT 06830 was entered.

The map will update to reflect this address.



O. Address Details Enter the phone number and address details for your Map Location.

If you are using an Image instead of a Google Map make sure the City and Zip Code fields contain the appropriate information.

P. Links Click the Add Entry button to add links to the Map Location.

For this example, The Saks Website URL was entered with the appropriate text and we opted to open this URL in a new window.


Repeat this process to add additional links to the Map Location.


Step 4) Click the Publish button to add the new Map Location.

Step 5) Repeat the steps above to add in the following additional Map Locations:

Saks – Main Location
611 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Saks – Hackensack Location
300 Hackensack Ave.
Hackensack, JU 07601
Saks – Bergen Town Center Location
120 Bergen Center
Paramus, NJ 07652

If all the Map Locations were entered correctly, MapifyPro -> Map Locations should now look like this:


The next step of the gide will focus on How to Display a Created Map from MapifyPro.



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