How to Batch Upload Map Locations to MapifyPro

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In this section of the guide to the MapifyPro plugin, we will show you how to perform a Batch Upload of Map Locations.

Batch Upload is an easy way to add multiple Map Locations by uploading a .CSV file.

Once the .CSV file has been uploaded, these locations will be available in MapifyPro -> Map Locations.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to MapifyPro -> Batch Upload.


For this example, two additional Map Locations for Saks will be uploaded. Click here to save the .CSV file to your computer.

Step 3) Open the .CSV file and you should see the following:


There are a few points you should be made aware of before uploading a .CSV file:

  • If your Zip Code starts with a 0, the 0 is not visible in the .CSV file.
    For example, if you entered 07331 as a Zip Code, the .CSV file will display it as 7331.
    Once the Batch Upload is complete, the 0 will be visible in the Zip Code field for the Map Location.
  • If any of your data contains a comma (,) or an apostrophe (‘), the upload may fail.
    You will need to remove these characters and add them back in once the upload has completed.

Step 4) From the dropdown list, select the Map to add the Map Locations to. For this example, the Saks Map was selected.

Step 5) Click the Browse button to search for and locate the .CSV file saved earlier.

Step 6) Click the Import button to start the Batch Upload process.


Once the Batch Upload process has completed, a list of the imported rows from the .CSV file are displayed.


Step 7) To view the imported Map Locations navigate to MapifyPro -> Map Locations.


The next guide will go through how to add the two Zip Codes from the .CSV file (11746 and 11901) as Location Tags and assign them to a Map and to their respective Map Location.

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add a Location Tag to a Map in MapifyPro.



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