MapifyPro Plugin Guide Overview

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MapifyPro is a plugin for WordPress that implements fully-customized maps on your site. It enhances Google maps with custom pin-point graphics and pop-up galleries, and also allows ANY custom map image of your choosing, all while keeping the great zoom and pan effect of Google maps!

This plugin in perfect for creating a store locator, travel routes, tours and journals!


Below are a list of the MapifyPro features:

  • Unlimited maps organized into intuitive libraries.
  • Custom Image Mode. Use images instead of Google Maps, while maintaining all of Google Maps’ features.
  • Use Snazzy maps and other customizations in Google Maps Mode.
  • Map Clusters group nearby locations and keep your maps nice and tidy.
  • Create maps and locations via familiar posts/pages.
  • Place maps on your pages/posts with a simple shortcode that is automatically generated for each map.
  • Add locations via Address, Longitude/Latitude, or by simply clicking on the map.
  • Plot off road pinpoints/markers.
  • Filtering and sorting options via custom tags, dropdown filters, and Zip/City search.
  • Location-based details: Add extended details, video, and photo galleries to any location.
  • Styling options for tooltip colors, and gallery backgrounds.
  • You choose tooltip behavior to close automatically or manually.
  • Unique pinpoint graphics on each location.
  • Social media sharing of map locations.
  • Provide directions to any direction via a simple shortcode.
  • Bulk uploading via a .CSV file.
  • Uses the latest Google API.
  • Mobile and Tablet ready: Integrates within your responsive website and supports touch/tap/swipe interaction on devices.
  • GPS support on mobile devices provides directions to any location on your maps.
  • All future updates included.

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