Importing Products and Attributes in MarketPress eCommerce

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In this section of the guide to the MarketPress eCommerce plugin, we will take a look at how to to import products and their attributes from a CSV file.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to Products -> Store Settings -> Importers.


To import a CSV file, click the Browse button to search for and select the CSV file to upload. Click the Upload button to start the Import process.

Click here to view a sample CSV Import file.

Below are some tips on formatting the CSV file:

Your CSV file must be comma (,) delimited and fields with commas or quotes in them must be surrounded by parenthesis (“) as per the CSV standard.

Columns in the CSV file can be in any order, provided that they have the correct headings from the example file. title and price are the only required columns, all others can be left blank.

To import featured images, it is preferable to upload them via FTP to a directory in your WP uploads folder:

Image paths should be relative to the uploads folder, for example, /myimport/myimage.png.

You may also include full external image urls and the Importer will download them. This is not a preferable though because it can be too slow for a large import, and you may need to split your CSV file into multple imports to avoid timeouts.

The next step in the guide will focus on the Product Categories feature.


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