How to Manage Orders in MarketPress eCommerce

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In this section of the guide to the MarketPress eCommerce plugin, we will take a look at Managing Orders.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to Products -> Manage Orders.


A list of Orders will display here. At this point we don’t have any Orders.

Let’s add one!

Add Product to Shopping Cart

Using the Men’s Plaid Shirt product entered earlier, let’s perform a test purchase through the online store using the Manual Payments option.

  • Navigate to Products -> Store Settings – Payments, place a check mark in the Manual Payments check box. Click the Save Changes button to save this change.
  • Navigate to Products -> Products, mouse over the Men’s Plaid Shirt Product Name to display a sub-menu and click the View hyperlink to view the Product.


  • From the Men’s Plaid Shirt screen, select a Shirt Size from the dropdown list, leave the Quantity as 1 and click the Add to Cart button.


  • From the top menubar, mouse over the Store menu to display a Sub-Menu. Click the Shopping Cart menu.


  • From the Your Shopping Cart page, you can:
    • View Product Details
    • Remove Product(s) from the Shopping Cart
    • Enter a Coupon Code
    • Update Your Shopping Cart
    • Checkout Now

    For this example, click the Checkout Now button.


  • From the Shipping Information page, enter your Checkout Information then click the Continue Checkout button.


  • From the Payment Information page, click the Review hyperlink to view your Order. Click the Continue Checkout button to continue.

    Note: Because we have selected the Manual Payment option, this page does not contain any Payment Details. If another Payment Method was selected, the details would display here.


  • From the Confirm Your Order page, you can:
    • Review Your Order
    • Review Shipping Details
    • Review Checkout
    • View Product Details
    • Confirm Payment

    For this example, click the Confirm Payment button to continue.


  • The Order Confirmation page will display thanking you for your order and a link to your online store with a Tracking Code number appended to the end.

    An email will also be sent to the Email Address entered on the Shipping Information page.


View New Order in Admin Panel

To view the New Order, navigate to Products -> Manage Orders. Notice that beside the Manage Orders menu, there is a red circle with the value of 1 inside. This refers to the recently created Order.

A. All/Revised When the Orders display, the default view is All. To view Revised Orders, click the Revised hyperlink.
B. Change Status To change the Order Status of Order(s), place check marks in the appropriate Order check box(es), select an Order Status and click the Apply to complete this process.
C. Show All Dates From the dropdown list, select a Date Range and click the Filter. This will display a list of all Orders that were created during the selected Date Range.
D. Search To locate a particular Order, enter search criteria in the Search text box and click the Search Orders button. The search results will be displayed here.
E. Status Click the Received hyperlink to display the Order Details.

From the Order Details page of the selected Order, you can:

  • View the Product
  • Select a Shipping Method
  • Enter a Tracking Number
  • Enter Order Notes
  • Mark this Order as Shipped


F Order ID Click the Order ID hyperlink to view the Order Details outlined above or you can mark this Order as:

  • Paid
  • Shipped
  • Closed
  • Delete Order
G. From Click the Email Address to open your Email Program where you can send this customer an email.


In order to have the option to export the Orders, you will need to upgrade your version of MarketPress eCommerce.

That’s it!


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