Managing Existing Products in MarketPress eCommerce

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In this section of the guide to the MarketPress eCommerce plugin, we will take a look at the Products area where you can View, Edit, Delete and Copy your Products.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to Products -> Products.


Continuing on from the Men’s Plaid Shirt example, the Product added earlier now appears in the Products area.

A. Create New Click the Click New button to create a new Product.
B. All/Draft To View All Products click the All hyperlink. To view Products in Draft mode only, click the Draft hyperlink.

Note: The total number of products for each area are displayed beside each hyperlink.

C. Bulk Action To perform a Bulk Action on Product(s), place a check mark in the appropriate Product check box(es), select the Bulk Action such as, Delete form the dropdown list and click the Apply button to complete the process.
D. Date Select a Date Range from the dropdown list and click the Filter button to view a list of all Products created within the selected Date Range.
E. Categories Select a Product Category from the dropdown list and click the Filter button to view a list of all Products that were assigned to the selected Product Category.
F. Search To search for a particular Product, enter the search criteria in the Search textbox and click the Search Products button. The results, if any, will display here.
G. Product View Here you have the option to view the Products two different ways:

  • Simple Grid View
  • Detailed Grid View (display additional Product details)

The default view shown is the Simple Grid View.

H. Product Name Hover over any Product to display a sub-menu where you can click to select to Edit, Delete, View or Copy.


The next step in the guide will focus on the Manage Orders feature.


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