Meteor Slides: Adding a Slideshow to Your Website

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In this article we will show you how to use Meteor Slides to create a slideshow on your website.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the Meteor Slides plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select Slides >> Settings.


Step 3) The Meteor Slides settings will guide you through the process of configuring your slideshow. From this page, you can choose how slides there can be in a slideshow, the height and width of the slides (in pixels), the transition style and speed, and the navigation (front to back, shuffle, etc.).


Step 4) When your slideshow configurations are complete, go to Slides >> Add New to start a new slide. Give it a title and add a link for the slide to lead the visitor elsewhere if you wish. Hit Publish when you’re done. You can also add your slide to an existing slideshow, or start a new one with the slide you’ve just published. Look for the Slideshows options on the right hand side.


Step 5) When all of your slides are added, head to Slides >> Slides to see your published slides. From here, you can do a Quick Edit to add them to a Slideshow.


Step 6) To add a new slideshow manually, choose Slides >> Slideshows and then add a name, slug, parent and description in the box on the left hand side. The slideshow will then show in the box on the right.


Step 7) To add a slide to your new-but-empty slideshow, go into Quick Edit on the slide you want to add and then tick the box of the slideshow you wish to add it to.


Step 8) To add a slideshow, you can use the [meteor_slideshow] shortcode in posts and pages to automatically add the slideshow to them. You can also use the Meteor Slides Widget to place the slideshow in the sidebar of your website.


Step 9) To add a slideshow to a post, head to Posts >> Add New (or Pages >> Add New for that matter), change the visual editor from visual to text and then insert the [meteor_slideshow] shortcode as shown below.


Step 10) When your post or page is live, your slideshow will appear on your website in the way that it has been set-up on the configuration page.


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