How to Create and Send a Newsletter

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In this article we will show you how to use the Newsletter plugin and how to create and send a newsletter.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to Newsletter -> Newsletters on the Admin Menu to the left, and click on New Message to get started.


Step 3) Choose a theme/template for your newsletter from the wide range available. You can also choose a blank page if you want to create one yourself from scratch.


Step 4) The New Newsletter page is split into two parts, the general options (which include the maximum number of posts to include, and a choice of categories from your website), and the edit page, where you can edit the message that will go into your newsletter.


Step 5) If you would like to include social media icons/accounts into your newsletters, add your links in the boxes provided. You can also block them by ticking the Disable box.


Step 6) When you are ready to edit your newsletter, click on (2) Go to edit this message.


Step 7) The editing process starts with creating an email subject (the heading that your subscriber will see as soon as the email arrives in their inbox), adding an image to the newsletter (optional) and then filling in each section of the newsletter, from the heading, main text and anything else you would like to add (images, links, etc.)


Step 8) The Message (Textual) section allows you to send a text and HTML version of your newsletter, or simply a HTML version. For anti-spam purposes, it is better to send both and give the recipient the choice.


Step 9) The Who will receive it options are there to set preferences for who you send your newsletters too, including niche subscribers (men or women only), confirmed subscribers only and more. This is to ensure that no spammers are sent out, and your newsletters will receive maximum coverage from people who will actually want to receive your newsletters.


Step 10) Other options include setting a specific time and date to send your newsletters, tracking for clicks and message opening so that you can see if and when people are engaging with your content, and the status of the emails you have sent out (if they have all sent).


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Manage List Subscribers in Newsletter.


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