How to Manage List Subscribers in Newsletter

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The penultimate section of the guide to the Newsletter WordPress plugin will take you through the subscribers section, from adding new subscribers, importing and exporting lists and much more.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of your Dashboard, scroll down to Newsletter and choose Subscribers from the dropdown menu.


Step 3) From the Subscriber Search page, you can search for subscribers, add new subscribers, make changes to lists, look at statistics and import and export lists and subscribers from your computer.


Step 4) To add a new subscriber, click on the link shown below, then enter the email address into the box, before clicking Proceed.


Step 5) When you click Proceed, it will take you to the Subscriber Edit page. From here, you can enter generic details, and more advanced details, such as entering the IP Address that the subscription started, the secret token used to access the profile page and edit profile data (as well as cancel the subscription), and the profile URL of the user.


Step 6) On the Profile section, you can add textual fields to the subscription form that will then go on to the users profile, which can be used to set user preferences for future correspondence.


Step 7) The Preferences are on/off fields that can be used when sending newsletters to a group who have specified interests and only want to be updated on certain subjects.


Step 8) The General settings for the subscriber is all the essential but simple stuff, including name, gender, status (confirmed, unconfirmed) and whether they are a text or HTML subscriber.


Step 9) On the top toolbar on the Subscribers page, click on Massive Changes. These are settings that are made in bulk, including deleting entire mailing lists, unsubscribed users, etc.


Step 10) The Preferences Management section of Massive Changes allows you to add or remove preferences to/from every user, or delete subsribers of it. Once deleted, you can never go back. They will be deleted from the database altogether. You can also use the Feed by Mail option to feed mail subscribers a set preference all in one go.


Step 11) The Other section of Massive Changes is a list of preferences, with a total number of subscribers for each one. This will show you how many subscribers you are mailing/deleting in one go, depending on the action you are taking.


Step 12) Bounces are an important statistic, as it will indicate to you the email addresses of users that should no longer be contacted due to the emails not reaching them. Add bounced addresses to this list and it will save you from sending out emails blind to people who won’t be getting them.


Step 13) The Statistics section of the Subscriber page shows you where all of your subscribers are coming from, their Preferences, Countries, Referrers, Sources, Gender and By Time. Click overview to get all the stats in one go.


Step 14) You can import an email list into your subscribers, and use the preference settings below to create individual lists for preferences if you wish.


Step 15) If you are starting another website and want to export subscribers to that site for newsletters from that site, use the Export options provided on the Subscriber Export page and download the list in a file.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to View Email Statistics in Newsletter.


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