How to Install Extensions for Ninja Forms

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The final step of the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin guide will take you through the ‘Extensions’ section, which are extras that you can purchase that will add value and functionality to your Ninja Forms.

Step 1) Go to your Dashboard and choose ‘Forms’ from the sidebar. Scroll down the dropdown menu and click on ‘Extend’


Step 2) This will bring up a huge list of extensions that are available for Ninja Forms, and can give them great new and additional features. To learn more about each extension, click on the blue ‘Learn More’ button, or the documentation button next to it if you want to read that.


Step 3) When you click ‘Learn More’, you are taken to the Ninja Forms site where you can learn more about the extension and decide whether that is for you. If you decide to purchase it, hit the blue button and buy it. It will then be added to your Ninja Forms settings.


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