How to View Form Submissions in Ninja Forms

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The fourth step of the guide to the Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin is to look at the submissions for each form, where you can see who is using them and what they are entering.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Forms’ and click on ‘All Forms’ from the dropdown menu. This will show all the forms you have created, from the title to the shortcode and template function.


Step 2) If you hover near the title of your form, a variety of options will appear, including ‘View Submissions’. Clicking on this will take you to the submissions page, where you can see how many people have filled in your form.


Step 3) On the Submissions page, you can view the First Name, Textbox, Email and date of a submission, which is incredibly useful to have, not just for responding, but for future marketing via email and in even simpler terms, to make sure they are working effectively!


Step 4) If you feel like you want to keep your submissions away from your site, click on the ‘Download All Submissions’ button to get a file with all your submissions on it sent to your computer.


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