Orbisius Child Theme Creator WordPress Plugin Overview

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Hello and welcome to the Orbisius Child Theme Creator WordPress plugin guide. The plugin is designed to quickly and easily create Child Themes based on any theme that you have have previously installed on your website.

The three guides below will take you through each stage of the plugin process, from installing it to creating and editing a child theme based on your existing themes.


  • Create a theme with a click of a button.
  • Never forget what files to copy and what to skip when creating child themes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • When moving through the themes the currently looked one will have a nice background & border.
  • Create unlimited child themes from a parent theme. The plugin will add Child 01, Child 02 etc.
  • Edit theme files with our two theme editors.
  • Automatically creates rtl.css if it exists in the parent theme.
  • The plugin uses minified css/js to make sure it loads quicker.

Below you can find all our guides on this plugin.

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