Permissions for WordPress Running on a VPS

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In this article we’ll be discussing file and folder permissions for running WordPress on a VPS.

For WordPress to successfully run on a VPS, permissions should be set to 755.

If you’re having problems installing WordPress, uploading images, other media, plugins, or themes, then you need to check what PHP handler is being used. You should be able to check this through your web host’s web interface, and even change it there, alternatively you’ll need to contact them directly.

The reason for this is that there are two common PHP handlers, SuPHP and DSO. SuPHP runs with your account as the user, so it can use the 755 permissions, however DSO runs as nobody, and thus needs permissions of 777, which effectively leaves your server open to the world and is not safe nor recommended. In this case, we recommend changing to SuPHP.

For more information, please contact your web host.

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