How to Pick a Good WordPress Plugin

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In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can pick a good plugin.

Plugin Author

plugin author One of the first things you want to check out is the plugin author. On the WordPress Plugin Repository, you can check out the author’s profile, here you can see the other plugins (if any) they are involved with, and how active they are on the WordPress forums, naturally, the more active the better.

Plugin Compatibility

compatibilityHow well does the plugin work with WordPress? On the WordPress Plugin Repository, users are able to have their say on whether the plugin works with various versions of WordPress, as in many instances, such as the one shown here, a plugin may not officially be compatible with the current version of WordPress, but will more than likely still work anyway.

Plugin Updates

updatedIs the Plugin regularly updated? In the repository, you can see when the plugin was last updated, as well as what version of WordPress it’s officially compatible with. Ideally it will have been updated recently and will also be compatible with the latest major release of WordPress.


With over 30000 plugins in the repository at this time, the better plugins will almost always have the most downloads. Though from time to time, new, great plugins are released, and they’ll take time to tick up the download count.


ratingsYou should always check the ratings of your plugins, they’ll be out of a familiar five stars and can be a great indicator of potential problems you may face. It’s important to always consider the lowest rating, because sometimes problems users encountered aren’t caused by the plugin.


supportIs the plugin well supported? Though we all hope support is never required, it just might be, so you should think about if you’ll need support and if that should be the case, can you get it? Also make sure you check out the author’s profile, as just because it may appear that many issues are not resolved, it’s highly likely the author is involved in plugin support.

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