What Popups are Available in Popup by Supsystic?

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In this article on Popup by Supsystic we will take a look at the available popups, and let you know what each one can do for your website and its visitors.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, head to Popup by Supsystic >> Add New Popup.


Step 3) To add a popup, give the Popup a name, and then scroll down to your chosen popup and click the Select button that shows up when you hover over it. The first option is the generic optin form to encourage more subscribers.


Step 4) The second popup option is an elegant sign-up form designed to capture the name and email address of the visitor.


Step 5) The next two options are a simple yet colourful email optin form, and a popup that encourages users to Like your Facebook page.


Step 6) For users who wish to get more subscribers to their YouTube channel, the two popups below are designed perfectly for enticing users to sign up using your existing YouTube videos.


Step 7) The next collection of popups are designed to increase your email list and social media followers, as well as bring more traffic to your website.


Step 8) The final bunch are designed to promote products and discounts by encouraging users to sign up to your mailing list and/or newsletters.


The next section of the guide will show you how to add a popup to your website.

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