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Hello and welcome to the WordPress plugin guide for Post Types Order, which is a plugin that allows you to Post Order and custom Post Type Objects (posts, any custom post types) using a Drag and Drop Sortable JavaScript AJAX interface.

Step 1) To install the plugin, head to your Dashboard and scroll down to ‘Plugins’ on the sidebar.


Step 2) On the Plugins page, choose ‘Add New’ to be taken to the Add Plugins section.


Step 3) In the right-hand corner of the ‘Add Plugins’ page, type in the name of the plugin and press ‘Enter’. This will start the search for the plugin.


Step 4) Find the ‘Post Types Order’ plugin in the search results, and click on the ‘Install Now’ button. You can click on ‘More Details’ if you want to read more info about the plugin.


Step 5) On the next page, you will see that the plugin has downloaded and the plugin package has installed. Click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ link to complete the process.


Step 6) Once the plugin has activated, you can find the ‘Post Types Order’ page by scrolling down to ‘Settings’ on the Dashboard and choosing ‘Post Types Order’ at the bottom of the Settings options.


Step 7) On the Post Types Order settings page, you can configure the settings by clicking on the link as shown below.


Step 8) The first settings focus on who is allowed to use the plugin. The minimum level to use the plugin is Subscriber, but you can choose between Author, Contributor, Editor and Administrator.


Step 9)  By choosing auto sort, the plugin will automatically update the wp-queries and use the new order, without any code update. If you need more order customizations, uncheck the box and include ‘menu_order’ into your theme queries. For Admin sort, check the box to be able to see the post types per your new sort.


Step 10) Once you are ready to re-jig your post order, head to ‘Posts’ on the Dashboard and click on ‘Re-Order’ at the bottom of the dropdown. Your list of posts can be seen at the bottom.


Step 11) Simply drag and drop your posts into the order you want them displayed, and then click ‘Update’ at the bottom of the page.


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