How to Refine the Subscription Process with Newsletter

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The fourth step of the guide to the Newsletter WordPress plugin will show you the subscription steps, where you can configure the subscription and cancellation process, set up every message, the single or double opt in and even a customized subscription form.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to your Dashboard and scroll down to Newsletter from the sidebar. Click on Subscription Steps from the dropdown.


Step 3) There are a wide range of subscription options available to you on the toolbar provided. First of all, click on General and set the options below. The Double Opt-in will mean that subscribers will have to confirm their email addresses, which is useful for keeping spam to a minimum. Single opt-in doesn’t require a confirmation email to be sent. You can also set a notification for yourself, for when a user subscribes and confirms the subscription. You should create a dedicated page for your newsletter too. You can add an address if you have one already, or get Newsletter to create one for you by hitting the button marked Create a page for me.


Step 4) The Subscription section is used to set preferences, including the shortcode (that can be copied and pasted into any post, page or text widget), forced preferences (e.g. different mailing lists for people who like different topics from your blog) and enabling the antibot (which puts off spammers without using the captcha form).


Step 5) The Special cases section is for when somebody makes a mistake, e.g. they have tried to subscribe more than once or have made an error, such as entering an email address incorrectly, or one that has been blocked.


Step 6) The Confirmation settings are what will be sent out to the user when they subscribe. You can change these according to your own voice and tone, or leave them as the default shown below.


Step 7) The Welcome section is used to create a welcome message for when new subscribers sign up. You can change the default, or direct subscribers to a welcome page once they have subscribed (add a link to the page in the box provided). If you are using Google Analytics, AdWords or any service that tracks conversions, enter the conversion code into the box provided to track the conversions. They will show up in the statistics of whichever service you are using. You can also set your welcome email to be sent out to new subscribers.


Step 8) The Profile section is used to give options for subscribers who might want to unsubscribe in the future (e.g. click here if you wish to unsubscribe, etc.) or edit their profile/subscription following the link you added to their newsletter.


Step 9) The Unsubscribe options allow you to create your own cancellation and goodbye messages, for when people unsubscribe from your site.


Step 10) The WP Registration settings are used to connect WordPress users to the Newsletter subscription. You can send welcome emails to registered users (choose yes or no from the box provided) and choose whether or not WP users are subscribed iupon registration to your site.


Step 11) Read the Docs section to understand all the users data, action URLs and forms that are used. Understanding these will help you create the right subscription notifications and emails.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Setup Subscription Forms in Newsletter.


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