How do I remove the ‘www’ from my WordPress site URL?

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This tutorial will teach you how to easily remove the ‘www’ from your website’s address. For this, you will need Administrator access to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 1) Log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Click Settings on the left hand menu


Step 3) Remove the ‘www’ from WordPress URL and Site Address URL.

WordPress URL and Site Address URL

Step 4) Click save to confirm the changes. Also visit your site at its new address to make sure everything is working.

1 comment


  1. Tara

    I am trying to remove the www. from my wordpress URL. If I follow your instructions to do it through my WordPress Dashboard (where both fields show, are there any potential ramifications I need to think about? I don’t want to mess up my SEO or site traffic. The reason I want to do this is that I noticed that when I run a Pingdom site speed test on, in the results it seems to run through both http://www.example and (plus other stuff) and comes up as slow. If I run just, the Pingdom test only runs through (plus other stuff) and my results come up as quite fast. My apologies for not being very technologically advanced…..I just want to make sure that I will not be making a permanent change that I cannot reverse if something goes wrong. Your help would be most appreciated. Thanks !

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