How to Restrict Admin Access to WP Simple Firewall

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The third step of the guide to the WP Simple Firewall plugin takes a look at the admin access restriction of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to your Dashboard and choose Admin Access from the dropdown menu underneath Simple Firewall. If you have your admin access key, enable admin access by ticking the box shown below.


Step 3) Enter your admin access key into the box provided to access restriction settings. If you get this wrong, you might lock yourself out of the plugin, so be careful that you enter this correctly.


Step 4) The Admin access timeout box is used to create an automatic timeout for admin access. The default is 30 mins., but you can set it as low or as high as you like.

Step 5) Click the blue button marked Save All Settings once completed.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Setup the Firewall in WP Simple Firewall.


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