How to run WordPress on any system with Turnkey Linux

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In this tutorial we’ll be demonstrating how you can run WordPress on your machine with a preconfigured Virtual Machine.

One of the benefits of running WordPress this way is that it doesn’t require changing your host system, and in the event that you make a catastrophic mistake and are unable to fix it, it’s very easy to wipe it clean and start again.

Step 1) Download and install a Virtual Machine application, such as VirtualBox, which is free.

Step 2) Download the Turnkey Linux WordPress ISO, as sometimes there may be issues with the prepared Virtual Machine

Step 3) Open VirtualBox and click New, then choose Linux and Debian-64 from the drop down menus.

debian 64 for turnkey

In the following screens you’ll be asked about memory and hard drive space, you can leave these at their defaults and continue through.

Step 4) Click on the Settings icon, then Storage, select the Empty drive and then click the CD icon over on the right hand side, then “Choose Virtual CD” — now simply navigate to where you downloaded the ISO file earlier and select it.

Step 5) Click Start and you’ll be greeted with the Turnkey Install screen, choose Install to Hard Disk

install turnkey to hdd

Continue through the setup options, which are largely regarding hard disk management. If you are unsure of what settings you need, stick with the defaults. When the installation is complete, the Virtual Machine will reboot and it’s time to configure the Linux installation.

Step 6) Configure the Linux install’s credentials. It will ask for:

Linux root password
MySQL password
WordPress Admin account password
WordPress admin email address
Turnkey Hub Services (if you have no need for this, select skip)
Security Updates — we recommend installing these

Step 7) Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be presented with the particulars of the virtual machine as shown below.

wordpress linux install details

With this information, you’ll be able to open your WordPress install in your browser:

turnkey linux installed successfully

From here you’re free to play with WordPress as you please. You can connect with an FTP client to the server with the details it provides, or alternatively, you can use the file manager that’s included with Webmin. In fact, you can manage all aspects of the server from Webmin.

Happy coding!

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