Analytics, Stats, and Further Tools in SEO by Squirrly

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The final step in the guide to the SEO by Squirrly WordPress plugin will show you how to monitor Squirrly and analyse the stats that are collated from the activity on your website and SEO optimized posts.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find the Dashboard of your Squirrly plugin, scroll down to Squirrly and select Dashboard from the dropdown.


Step 3) The Dashboard will show you the number of keywords used in the blogs you have set up for Squirrly. It also shows your stats, from the number of articles, keyword researches, keywords used, optimised articles and more.


Step 4) To see your analytics for each of your posts created with Squirrly SEO (including the Type, Author, Keywords used, Position, Monthly Traffic and Date), click on Performance Analytics from the dropdown under Squirrly on the Dashboard.


Step 5) Back on the Dashboard (found under Squirrly on the left-hand sidebar), your options for optimising Squirrly across your site come up. The Live Assistant option will take you to a new Post (as shown in another section of the guide), and the Analytics will take you to the Performance Analytics page.


Step 6) The SEO Audit option will take you to the Squirrly website, which will show you your SEO score and give you ideas on how to improve it by optimising your SEO with blogging, social media, links and more.


Step 7) The Squirrly website shows you the audit score for your website, as shown below. A medium score is 50+, with 80 being a good score.


Step 8) Underneath the score, you will be shown different ways to improve your score, including Blogging, Traffic, SEO, Links, Authority and Social. Click on the red icons and you will be given tips to each one.


Step 9) As an example, we have clicked on the Blogging icon. This will give you a list of problems with your site as it is at present, and give you ways to fix them. Follow these guidelines and you should improve your site in no time.


This concludes our guide of the SEO by Squirrly plugin.



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