Using the Deeplink Juggernaut in SEO Ultimate to Link Up Your Site

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The next step in the guide to the SEO Ultimate WordPress plugin will focus on the Deeplink Juggernaut section of the Plugin, which you can use to alter the settings of the links throughout your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Click on SEO on the Left-hand sidebar of your Dashboard and scroll down to Deeplink Juggernaut on the dropdown. It may sound like a minor character in the X-Men series, but this page can be used to automatically link a particular word or phrase in your content to the URL of your choice. Simple write the Anchor Text (e.g. WordPress, covering a link), Destination (web address) and whether you want the link to be followed by search engines (this can make a difference to your link data) and whether you want the link to open a new window when clicked upon.


Step 3) On the Content Link Settings, you can choose what content you can add autolinks to (including posts, pages, media and forums, etc.) as well as setting limits as to what you can do with those autolinks (including allowing linking to the same page) and how many times you can use the links, anchor texts and destinations per post. You can also use the siloing section to ensure that autolinks have to point to posts in the same categories, or with the same tags, to ensure that all of your linking stays on subject.


Step 4) The Footer Links section of the Deeplink Juggernaut allows you to create links in the footer of your website. In some cases, this is the same as the Main Navigation, but you can also use Footer Links to link to less important pages of your site, including affiliates and the Meet the Team page, for example.


Step 5) On the Footer Link settings, you can change the format of the links to alter how it will appear on the page, including the alignment, which character will separate the links and the size of the anchor text.


The next step of the guide will focus on Customizing .htaccess and robots.txt with SEO Ultimate’s File Editor.


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