How to Set a New Font for Your Website with Free Google Fonts

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In this article we will show you how to use Free Google Fonts to set a new Font to use throughout your websites posts and pages, giving you more flexibility with your writing choices.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the Free Google Fonts plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On your admin panel, click on Google Fonts >> Fonts.


Step 3) Google Fonts are updated on a regular basis, and on the Fonts Options page, it will tell you when the last update was, and how many fonts are available to you (a whopping 676 in the below case). Hit the Update Now! button to see how many have become available since then.


Step 4) Under the update section is the Available Google Fonts search area. Click on the arrow to bring up the list in alphabetical order, or use the search box if you know the name of your desired Font.


Step 5) Once you have chosen a font, you can preview it below. Chose the preview font size, and type something in the box for Google Fonts to show it off to you. There is generic text already written for you in the box.


Step 6) Click on the button marked Show Example to show various types (normal, bold and italic) on your font in the Auto Preview box.


Step 7) If you like what you see in the Auto Preview, click on the blue link marked Install [Font Name] to install it into your site. It will now be available tp you when you’re writing posts and pages.


Step 8) At the top of the Fonts page (Google Fonts >> Fonts), there are also three other toolbars (Your Fonts, Statistics and Tools, Extra Font Sizes). Looking at Your Fonts first, this shows you which Fonts you have installed, and how many posts they have been used.


Step 9) On the Statistics and Tools section, you can find out which Google Fonts are available at present, how many have been installed, and how many posts are without any Font (you can go to these and add your font to them). Hit the button marked Find and Fix Missing Fonts to check if there are any fonts that are missing, or broken and need fixing.


Step 10) The Extra Font Sizes section allows you to add minimum and maximum font sizes to your installed Google Fonts. Be sure to enable this function by ticking the box marked ‘Enable Extra Font Sizes’.


Step 11) To choose your Font whilst in a new post, click on Posts >> Add New. You will find your font under Font Family.


Step 12) Clicking on Font Family will bring up your list of Fonts, and your installed Google Fonts will feature at the top.


Step 13) Here is an example how your Google Font looks once a post has been written and then published using one of your fonts.


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