Setting up and Managing Form Fields of the Business Directory Plugin

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The third step in the Business Directory guide will show you how to set up and manage the form fields of the business directories that will ultimately end up on your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Admin Panel, head to Directory Admin >> Main Menu. From the Main Menu, click on Setup/Manage Form Fields.


Step 3) This will take you to Directory Admin >> Manage Form Fields. From here, you can view all the documentation for the form fields, and at the top of the screen, you can use the Preview Form or Add New Form Field buttons navigate this section.


Step 4) The form fields are split into Order, Label/Association, Type, Validator and Field Attributes. You can drag and drop these into different orders, make them ‘Required’ when people fill out a directory listing, and more.


Step 5) When you click on a listing, you will be taken to the Add Form Field page, where you can pick the Field Association (Post Title, Post Content, Post Excerpt, etc.), the type (Textfield, Text area, and more), the description of the field, and where to show it (excerpt view, listing view, etc.)


The next step of the guide will show you how to set-up and manage fees.

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