How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools on your WordPress Website

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In this tutorial we’re going to teach you how to setup Google Webmaster Tools on your WordPress site. You will need access to your server with SFTP/SSH in order to complete this.

Step 1) Create a Child Theme so as to avoid modifying the Theme’s original files.

Step 2) Duplicate the original theme’s header.php into your Child Theme’s directory.

Step 3) Sign up to Google Webmaster Tools and enter your site details. It will provide you with a meta tag to confirm you own your website.

Step 4) In the Child Theme’s header.php, add the Google Site Verification meta tag in the head of the document, before the closing </head> tag. It will look similar to the following.

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="pJ6BNW_-Ss6yN8KxFccm1D6btDKolW_-paS2bs7MC1Y" />

Step 5) Save your changes and return to Google Webmaster Tools to complete your site’s verification.

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