How to Setup Post Thumbnail Options in Contextual Related Posts

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The fifth step in the guide to the Contextual Related Posts WordPress plugin will show you how to set the Thumbnail Options of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Settings >> Related Posts. On the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Thumbnail Options.


Step 3) The Thumbnail Options begin with the location settings for each post thumbnail. You can display them inline with posts both before or after title, display them with no text, and don’t display them at all and just show the text.


Step 4) You can set the Thumbnail size by ticking the boxes shown below, or by setting your own custom size.


Step 5) If you choose custom size thumbnails, use the boxes shown below to set the width and height of the thumbnail. The default is 150px by 150px.


Step 6) If crop mode is enabled, thumbnails are hard cropped by default. If you uncheck the box, you can set you own soft crop settings. It is better to leave this checked, as you may not crop images in proportion.


Step 7) You can choose between style and HTML attributes by ticking the boxes marked below. Tick the box based on which ones you find easier to follow.


Step 8) Set your post thumbnail meta field name (show in the Add New Post screen) by entering it into the box provided.


Step 9) Tick the box marked extract the first image from the post if there is no post thumbail set and no image URL specified in the meta field.


Step 10) Enter an image URL into the default thumbnail box shown below, and tick the box marked Use default thumbnail to use the default thumbnail when no image can be found.


The final step in the guide will show you how to set the Feed Options of the plugin.

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