Sociable: How to Add Social Sharing Icons to Your Site

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In this article we will show you how to use Sociable to add social icons to the posts and pages of your website.

Please note: For this article you will need to install the Sociable plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Scroll down to Select Sociable Plugin and choose Sociable Options from the dropdown.


Step 3) Add a Tagline to encourage sharing from your site. By ticking ‘Link to Sociable’, you are agreeing to place a link on your site so that other website owners who like the look of your sharing options will find Sociable and install the plugin themselves.


Step 4) Tick the boxes of the social icons you would like to include underneath your posts, including Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn and many more.


Step 5) Choose the size of your social icons. The default is 32×32, but you can go larger or smaller if you’d like.


Step 6) The style of icons can be changed. The default is the most commonly recognisable option, with the proper icons, but the option is there to play around with it and be different.


Step 7) Choose the locations that you’d like to include the sociable icons, including Posts, Pages, archives, Home Page and more.


Step 8) The General Options include using the plugin automatically, opening the links in new windows, showing the icons at the top and bottom of your pages and more.


Step 9) Activate and enable Sociable Classic by ticking the box provided. You can also choose to send your configurations to Sociable in order for them to monitor and improve their plugin. Save changes when you’re done.


Setting the Skyscraper Options

The Skyscraper section is a more advanced version of the plugin.

Step 10) Head to Select Sociable Plugin and choose Skyscraper Options

Step 11) On the style options, you can change the text size and the widget width, as well as the colour of the labels and background of the widget.


Step 12) Add your Twitter username to enable Sociable to read your latest Tweets and mentions posted by other users and show them on Sociable, where your visitors can read them. You can also do the same with your RSS feed, and include counters for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Step 13) Add your social links and RSS feed to the ‘Follow Us’ section to show your social icons on Skyscraper sociable.


Step 14) The Sociable Banner is a reminder for your visitors to share the content you’ve created. You can also create a label, timer, change the size, label colour and label background.


Step 15) Tick the box if you want Sociable fixed to your website. Alternatively, head down and select the locations you want it to show up, including Posts and Pages.


Step 16) EnableSociable Skyscraper by ticking the box provided. You can also send your configurations to Sociable, the same as Step 9.


Step 17) Once your settings are complete, this is how your posts will look with Sociable support.



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