How to Add Content Locks to Social Locker

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The final step of the guide to the Social Locker WordPress Plugin will show you how to add new social locks to your websites content.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand sidebar and click on Social Lockers. From the All Social Lockers page you can click on the Add Social Locker button at the top of the page, or you can click Add Social Locker from the Social Lockers dropdown menu.


Step 3) The Add New page looks and works similarly to adding a new post or page. You can give the social locker a title, and then scroll down to the Basic Options to set the URL that your users are going to share via FB, Twitter or G+. You can change the header of what comes up when the Social Locker springs up to make it more unique to you, and add text and/or images to accompany the box should you wish to do so.


Step 4) At the bottom of the options, you can view a Preview of what your social locker will look like on the page. Depending on what you write and add above, the Social Locker will change. Make tweaks and changes until you are 100% happy with what will appear to your users.


Step 5) On the right-hand side of the page, you can choose to change your publishing settings, use manual locking (simply add the shortcode to a new post) or batch locking (for automatic locking on each new piece of content).


Step 6) On the All Social Lockers page (Social Lockers >> All Social Lockers on the Dashboard), you can see all of your Social Lockers , and edit them, delete them and add new ones as you see fit. You can also take the shortcode shown and add them to posts.


This concludes our guide of the Social Locker plugin.


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