How to Display Social Login on Your WordPress Website

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In this section of the guide to the Social Login plugin, we will show you how to display this plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.


Add Social Login Widget to Sidebar

For this example, the Social Login widget will be added to the Main Sidebar.

Step 3) Click to select the Social Login widget.

Step 4) While holding the mouse down, drag the Social Login widget to the Main Sidebar.

Step 5) Release the mouse.


Step 6) Customize the Social Login fields as follows:

A. Title Modify the Title as needed.
For this example, no change was made.
B. Insert text/html to add before the widget: Enter any text you want to display above the Social Login widget.
C. Insert text/html to add after the widget: Enter any text you want to display below the Social Login widget.
D. Tick to hide widget for logged-in users Keep this checkbox checked if you want to hide the Social Login widget from logged-in users. This field is checked by default.
E. Tick to use small buttons Place a checkmark in this checkbox if you want to use small social icons. This field is unchecked by default.


Step 7) Click the Save button to save the changes.

Step 8) Click the Close hyperlink to close the Social Login widget.

Displaying the Social Login Widget

Step 9) In the Dashboard, mouse over your site’s name to display the Visit Site hyperlink.

Step 10) Click the Visit Site hyperlink to be forwarded to the home page of your site.


Step 11) Mouse over your username and click the Log Out hyperlink.


Once the Log Out hyperlink is clicked, you will automatically be forwarded to the Log In page of your site.

The Social Login widget is now displayed here.


If you navigate to the home page of your site, the Social Login widget will be displayed in the Main Sidebar.

In addition, the Social Login widget will also be displayed in the Comment area.

The Social Login widget heading in the Main Sidebar is set in the Social Login widget area.

The widget heading in the comment area is set in the Social Login -> Settings area.


To make additional changes to the Social Login widget, navigate to Social Login -> Settings from the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard.

This concludes our guide of the Social Login plugin.


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