Performing a Malware Scan with Sucuri Security

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In this section of the guide to the Sucuri Security plugin, we will take a look at the Malware Scan.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to Sucuri Security -> Malware Scan.

When this tab is clicked, the Malware Scan is automatically started. This scan does an in-depth analysis of your site by searching areas where possible attackers may target.


Once the Malware Scan has completed, the results of this scan are displayed on this tab as shown below.

Remote Scanner Results

This tab displays a summary of the scan results. If your site was hacked, you can see which files were modified recently to assist with your investigation.

To view additional details of the scan, click the More details here hyperlink.


Website Details

This tab displays details about your WordPress installation, such as, System Information and Web Application details. At the bottom of this tab, Recommendations for the site are also displayed suggesting ways to strengthen security.



This tab displays a list of all files that contain iframes, links, or scripts. These files are validated to ensure no issues are found. If an issue is found, details will be displayed here.


Blacklist Status

This tab checks your site url against the links shown below to make sure you site has not been added to the Blacklist.


Modified Files

This tab displays a list of modified files in the past x number of days. You can select a range from the Modified in the last x days dropdown box. The default value is 7 days.


The next step of the guide will focus on Quickly Hardening Your WordPress Website with Sucuri.



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