Timeline Express WordPress Plugin Guide Overview

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Hello and welcome to the WordPress plugin guide for Timeline Express, which is a great plugin that allows you to create stunning vertical animated and responsive post timelines, without writing a single line of code.

This guide will take you through each section of the plugin: from installing the plugin to configuring settings and adding your timelines to a WordPress post.


  • Load a custom template for single announcements (new)
  • Localized date formatting for international users (new)
  • Hundreds of Font awesome icons included. Specify a different icon for each announcement
  • CSS3 animations on scroll
  • Set the color of the announcement
  • Specify the length to trim each announcemnt, or randomize it
  • Hide the date of the announcement
  • Hide the ‘read more’ button for each announcement
  • Specify an image to display for each announcement
  • Delete announcements on uninstallation (so no orphan posts are hanging around in your database)
  • Easy to use shortcode to place the timeline wherever your heart desires ( [timeline-express] )
  • TinyMCE button to generate the shortcode
  • Specify Ascending vs Descending display order
  • Highly extensible
  • Translatable

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