How to Transfer Your WordPress Site to a New Domain

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There are a number of ways to move your WordPress site from one domain to another, and vary in terms of time and effort required to execute.

For this tutorial we’ll be using the Duplicator plugin as it is definitely the fastest, and easiest way, of migrating a site to a new domain.

This tutorial assumes you have two domains registered and hosted, and, FTP access to both, as well as WordPress Administration rights.

Step 1) Backup your Database and wp-content folder (you can do this via FTP or via the terminal and wget).

Step 2) Log in to your old installation and install the Duplicator Plugin

Step 3) On the left hand menu, click the Duplicator link, then click on the create package button


Then fill out the fields regarding the package as you see fit and click “Create Package Set”

duplicator package settings

Depending on how many posts, pages, and images you have, and the speed of your host, the duplication process can vary in time.

Step 4) Download the Installer and Package as shown here.

duplicator package settings

Step 5) Connect via FTP to your new domain, and upload the Installer and zip package.

Step 6) Log in to your Host’s CPanel and create a new MySQL database, noting down the username, password, and database name.

Step 7) In your browser, open, where you will be greeted with the Package Installer screen as show below.

deploying duplicator package

Fill out the Database details, check the “Table Removal” and “I have read all warnings & notices” boxes, and when you’re ready, click Run Deployment.

Again, the time this takes entirely depends on how much content has to be imported and the speed of your web host.

Step 8) When the import has completed you will be taken to the update page. This is where all the URLs are updated, Duplicator will do it’s best to automatically detect what the changes will be, but make sure you double check the links for accuracy before going through with the update.

Step 9) Log in to your WordPress Dashboard on the newly imported site and update your permalinks.

Step 10) Delete installer.php, installer-data.sql, and installer-log.txt from your server.

Finally, check through your site to make sure everything works as it once did. When you’re ready, you can delete/remove your old WordPress install and domain.

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