Twitter Cards Meta Plugin Guide Overview

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Twitter Cards increase your Twitter visibility & brand value. With this plugin you don’t have to worry about the markup. This plugin adds the correct markup so Twitter accepts your application.

The Twitter Cards Meta plugin is available for all WordPress users for free.


There are other processes available, such as adding codes manually in to your theme header, or using a famous SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Listed below are a few reasons to select this plugin:

  • No other solution works perfectly with images. All other plugins depend on WordPress Attachment. The Image Attachment does not work for most sites and themes.
  • This plugin will select an image automatically from your post, even if it is not attached properly.
  • Other plugins will use your default image as they are not able to grab the image properly. Even WordPress SEO by Yoast does the same.
  • This plugin adds the markup in right way, and in the correct position.
  • Only this plugin handles both the Summary Card and the Photo Card properly.
  • Only this plugin has the option to select Twitter Card Type on a per post basis, right from the post panel.

Below you can find all our guides on this plugin.

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