Understanding WordPress User Roles

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In this article, we will talk about the different user roles available in WordPress.

Super Admin

A super admin has access to admin powers for your current site, but he also has full access to all of the WordPress sites on your network (using MultiSite).


An administrator has access to modify, update, and change any function or setting for the WordPress site. This includes installing plugins, updating WordPress, adding users, editing users, changing themes, and much more.


A user with editor access can not only post new articles, but can also edit articles posted by himself and other users. Think of this user as an editor in chief at a newspaper company.


This user role allows the person to publish and edit his own articles. Unlike the


This user has access to create articles, however he does not have access to publish his own articles. This means that in order for any post from a contributor to be published a user with editor access or above must review the post and approve it. A contributor also has access to edit non-published articles that he or she created. However, once an article is published, a contributor cannot make changes to the article.


A subscriber does not have any access to create or edit articles. He only has access to change his profile and to subscribe to new articles via email.

For more detialed information about WordPress User Roles, please click here.

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