How to Use BackupBuddy Restore & Migrate

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In this section of the guide to the BackupBuddy plugin, we will look at configuring the Restore & Migrate area.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to BackupBuddy -> Restore/Migrate.


The best way to Restore or Migrate your site is by using a standalone PHP script named importbuddy.php.

This file is run without first installing WordPress. A combination of the importbuddy.php file and the backup ZIP file will allow you to restore this server or to a new server entirely. Sites may be restored to a new site URL or domain.

You should keep a copy of importbuddy.php for future restores. It is also stored within backup ZIP files for your convenience. importbuddy.php files are not site/backup specific.

For this example, the importbuddy.php file and the ZIP backup file created earlier will be downloaded to our local computer.

Step 4) Click either the Download importbuddy.php button or the Send importbuddy.php to a destination button to get a copy of the importbuddy.php file.


For this example, the Download importbuddy.php button was clicked.

Step 5) From the Opening popup window, click to select Save File.

Step 6) Click the OK button to save the file to a location of your choice.


Step 7) Download a backup from the backup list or send it directly to a destination by selecting Send file when hovering over a backup.


Step 8) Upload importbuddy.php & the downloaded backup ZIP file to the destination server directory where you want your site restored.

  • Upload these into the FTP directory for your site’s web root such as /home/buddy/public_html/. If you want to restore into a subdirectory, put these files in it.
  • WordPress should not be installed prior to the restore. You should delete it if it already exists.
  • Full backups should be restored before restoring database only backups.

Step 9) Navigate to the uploaded importbuddy.php URL in your web browser (ie

Step 10) Follow the on-screen directions until the restore / migration is complete.

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Setup the BackupBuddy Server Tools – Server.


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