How to use the Post via Email Function in WordPress

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Please Note: The built in post via email function will soon be removed from WordPress. However, there are plugins available that can replace the function. For example, Post By Email is a plugin that should work for your blog by email needs!

In this article, we will show you how to enable the post via email feature of WordPress.

1) Login to the Dashboard

2) Click the Settings link from the left menu


3) Click the Writing link from the left menu


4) Enter the mail server and port for your email server


5) Enter the login name for the email account you will be sending your articles to. This email should be secret because any email sent to this account will automatically be posted to your blog!


6) Enter the password for the email account


7) Select the category you would like the blog posts assigned to


8) Click Save Changes


9) Setup a CRON job using your hosting providers control panel with the following…

php /home/username/wp-mail.php

Please note, you will need to change the path so that it points at wp-mail.php correctly. Please contact your hosting provider for more information regarding this.

That’s it! Depending on how often your CRON job is set (we recommend 15 to 30 minuets), when you send an email to the address, your post will appear on the site just minuets after.

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