How to Use the Pro Features of the Enhanced Media Library Plugin

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The fourth part of the guide to the Enhanced Media Library WordPress plugin will show you how to use the Pro Features of the plugin, which can be purchased from WPUX Solutions here. The Pro licence gives you access to a host of new features, including:

  • Updates for Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Media Taxonomies
  • MIME Types Control
  • Bulk Attachment for Media Taxonomies

Step 1) Once you have purchased the Pro Version at $25, log in to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, head to Plugins >> Add New.


Step 3) From the Add Plugins page, click on the blue link marked Upload Plugin


Step 4) On the Upload Plugin page, click on Choose File, upload your plugin .zip file from your computer, and then hit the Install Now button


Step 5) Once your plugin is installed, hit the Activate Plugin link to finish the installation process. You’re now ready to get started with the Pro Features.


Step 6) Head to Plugins >> EML Pro Updates to enter the license key you were given when purchasing the plugin. Hit the Activate License button afterwards and you’ll be good to go. Come back to this page to check for plugin updates at any time.


Step 7) Hurray! Your Enhanced Media Library PRO License is active!


Step 8) The next step is to go through the additional features that the Pro Version enables, starting with the Bulk Edit option, which can be found under Media Library >> Taxonomies. Using this, you can change the taxonomies of your media files in one go, without taking ages doing it one by one. This is extremely useful if you have multiple images with various Categories and you want to change a load to another Category in one click.


Step 9) To use the Bulk Edit option, head to Media >> Library. Your available files will be ready for you.


Step 10) Before the Pro Version was installed, you wouldn’t be able to click on more than one image. But now you can use CTRL and click on multiple images at once. You can then change their Media Category, add multiple images to a post at once, and more.


Step 11) Another cool feature is the Select/Deselect All feature. A simple click and you have ticked all of your media files. From here, you can delete, edit, change media categories and much more.


This concludes the guide to the Pro features of the Enhanced Media Library plugin.

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