Using CPO Shortcodes to Create a MailChimp Email Optin Form

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In this article, we will show you how to use the CPO Shortcodes WordPress plugin to create a MailChimp email optin form for the posts and pages of your website.

You will need a MailChimp account to be able to set up an account. You can do that here.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, open a new post by choosing Posts >> Add New.


Step 3) On the Editing Panel, you will find your CPO Shortcodes under the CT dropdown menu, as shown below.


Step 4) When you click upon the CT menu, you will be given a list of shortcode categories to choose from. To find Email Optin Forms, head to Interactive.


Step 5) When you hover over the Interactive menu, you will then be given a list of interactive shortcodes. The one you need is the MailChimp Optin Form.


Step 6) Click on the MailChimp Optin Form option to add the shortcode shown below to your WordPress post.


Step 7) The next step is to add your details to each section of the shortcode. Step 1 is to add your MailChimp URL to the shortcode. This is what connects your optin form to your account.


Step 8) The next step is to add a captcha to your form. Here you put the name of your Captcha field from your MailChimp form to help prevent bots and spammers signing up.


Step 9) Following that, the next step is to create titles for the fields that users have to fill out. The first one is for your email address. The default is “Your email”.


Step 10) The next two fields are for the First Name and Last Name of your users. These are best keeping as the default.


Step 11) The next field to give a title to is the Submit section of your optin form. The word “Subscribe” is your default, but you can give it your own prompt if you wish to do so.


Step 12) The final step in the shortcode edit is to set the style of your email optin form. The default is vertical, but you could also change this to horizontal if you wish.


Step 13) Once you have finished, click Publish, and then View Post to see your finished form.


Step 14) Below is an example of a completed MailChimp email optin form, added to a WordPress post.


This concludes our guide on using CPO Shortcodes to create an email optin form.

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