How to Change Video Titles, Categories, and More in VideoNab

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In this section of the guide to the VideoNab plugin, we will take a look at how to edit, delete, block and assign videos to categories.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to VideoNab -> VideoNab.


Overview of VideoNab Page

A. Add New Button Click the Add New button to add a new video.
Instructions for Adding a Video can be found here.
B. Search Enter search criteria in the Search textbox. Click the Search Videos button to start the search process. If successful, a list of videos matching the search criteria will be displayed in the video list.
C. Bulk Actions To apply a Bulk Action to video(s):

  • Place a checkmark in the checkbox for each selected video.
  • Select the appropriate Bulk Action (Edit or Move to Trash) from the dropdown list.
  • Click the Apply button to complete the process.

For this example, a Bulk Delete was performed:


D. All Dates From the dropdown list, select a month & year to filter the videos on.
Click the Filter button to complete this process.

For this example, the filter September 2014 was selected. This will display a list of all videos that were published in September 2014.


E. Grid View When you navigate to VideoNab -> VideoNab, the default view will display:


To display a detailed view, click the Detailed View icon:

F. Navigation Click the Navigation buttons to easily move through the video pages.


G. Title This column displays the Title of each video.
H. Categories This column displays a list of categories that each video was assigned to.
I. Video Service For the VideoNab plugin the Video Service will always be YouTube.
J. Blocked This column indicates whether or not the video has been blocked.
Instructions on how to block a video can be found below.
K. Thumbnail Click the thumbnail image to view and play the video on YouTube.


When YouTube was scoured for videos that matched the search criteria entered in the VideoNab -> Settings area, these videos were added and were assigned default values, such as:

  • The Video Title
  • The Default text in the body of the Video Post.
  • A Default Category.

This area will walk you through modifying these values.

Edit Video

Step 3) To edit a video, hover over a video title in the Title column to display a sub-menu.

Step 4) Click the Edit hyperlink.


Step 5) From the Edit Video page, modify the fields as shown below:

L. Title Modify the Title as needed. For this example, the Title was changed to Scientists Stopped Light (the word How was removed).
M. Edit Button Click the Edit button to modify the page name.
For this example, the page name was changed to scientists-stopped-light (how- was removed).
Click the OK button to accept this change.
N. Video Body Add/modify/delete text from the Body as needed. For this example, additional text was added to the end of the existing paragraph.
O. Block Video From the dropdown list, select Yes if you want to block this video.
For this example, the default value of No was not changed.
P. Categories To add this video to additional categories, place checkmarks to the left of each selected category. For this example, the category, Education was added.


If the fields were completed as outlined above, the Edit Video page should now display as follows:


Step 6) Click the Update button to save any changes.

Bullk Edit Multiple Videos

Sometimes it is necessary to make the same change to multiple videos. For example, assign multiple videos to the same category.

To do this, perform the following steps:

Step 7) From the VideoNab -> VideoNab page, place checkmarks in the checkboxes of the video(s) to be bulk edited.

Step 8) From the Bulk Action dropdown list, select Edit.

Step 9) Click the Apply button to display the Edit window.


From the Edit window you can Bulk Assign these videos to categories, change their status, etc.


For this example, these videos will be Bulk Assigned to the Education and Howto categories.


Step 10) Click the Update button to complete this process.

The next guide for the VideoNab plugin will focus on How to Add YouTube Videos in VideoNab.



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