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VideoNab is a WordPress plugin that searches YouTube for videos related to a topic that you select. For example, real estate, recipes, fitness or any other areas you are interested in.

VideoNab then adds these videos to your WordPress site as Video Posts. Once these posts are added to your site, you have the ability to determine what/how is displayed to the public. Such as:

  • How often videos are refreshed on your site – based on the refresh settings in the VideoNab -> Settings area.
  • Determine which videos are displayed – based on the filter settings in the VideoNab -> Settings area.
  • The ability to edit the title and description for each video.
  • The ability to block specific video(s) from being displayed on your site.
  • The ability to sort videos.

Latest Features

  • Date range aggreation: Assign the date range in which you’d like VideoNab to grab videos from Youtube. This allows you to pull from a specfic data, range of dates, or from the past “X” number of days.
  • Revised sorting functionality for the New/Popular toggle.
  • Help tips in the admin.
  • Ability to choose the page/template for both the video feed and video playback page (this gives the user more control over how the plugin is implemented using their theme’s templates. So, they can have a fullscreen video playback screen if their theme supports it, similar to what was done on

There are two versions of VideoNab available:

  • VideoNabLite (free version)
  • VideoNabPro

VideoNabLite / VideoNabPro

The Lite version is perfect for users needing only a few videos, and no voting or automation capabilities.

The Pro version adds a lot of powerful functionality. Specifically, the ability to automatically schedule videos based on any topic/keywords, voting on videos, advanced sharing/commenting, and more. With the Pro plan, you also get the advanced support plan.

Below is a list of features offered by both the Lite and Pro versions.


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