WPKB Presents: VideoNab Pro

Want to add a video stream to your WordPress website? Then look no further than VideoNab!

VideoNab will find and collate videos, and then display a brilliant video stream on your website — best of all you can choose exactly where you want it to go.

All you have to do is pick a topic and let VideoNab handle the rest, as it will only nab the best videos and filter out the unworthy. What’s more, you can edit the details of each individual to better suit your site, block videos that you don’t want, and control how fast videos are nabbed from YouTube.

VideoNab also comes with a voting system that allows your site’s users to rank videos based on their preference, which will boost social sharing, and in turn boost traffic.

VideoNab is available in three flavors, Lite, Basic, and Pro. Check it out today and see what you can create!

A Complete, Working Example of Using VideoNab

In this section of the guide to the VideoNab plugin, we will create a new website called Everything Cakes, display New Recipes on the home page and separate the recipes into various Categories.

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