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Want to create your very own eCommerce store with WordPress? Then WooCommerce is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling virtual or physical items, or even both, WooCommerce has you covered.

WooCommerce covers all the payment options you could dream of, from credit cards to PayPal to BitCoin, and also makes it incredibly easy to setup various shipping options for your various goods.

WooCommerce also takes care of sales and inventory reporting, so you’re never left guessing stock levels, or trying to manually crunch numbers to figure out your business’s performance.

It’s a wonderful solution, that’s why it powers 17.8% of all eCommerce websites, and because of it’s incredible adoption, it’s well supported and more extensions are available all the time. Of course, this means that setting your first store up can be a little frightening, which is why we’ve got all the guides you’ll ever need to get you up and running.

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How to Create and Manage Coupons with WooCommerce

In this section of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin guide, we will show you how to create coupons that customers can use to receive discounts and special offers for the goods you are selling via your ecommerce website.

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Guide Overview

In this guide, we will take you through the plugin in detail, including taking a look at add-ons and accompanying plugins that you can use to create a fully-functioning WooCommerce website.

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