How to Setup Amazon Payments with WooCommerce

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The next section of the guide to the WooCommerce WordPress plugin will take you through Amazon Payments, which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Step 1) On the Dashboard, head to ‘WooCommerce’.


Step 2) On the dropdown, click on ‘Add-ons’, then choose ‘Free’ from the top toolbar. This will bring up the add-ons list, and the first is ‘Amazon Payments’. Give that a click, and you will be redirected to the WooThemes website.


Step 3) On the WooThemes website, you can purchase and download ‘Amazon Payments’ for free. Select your free license and click ‘Add to Cart’


Step 4) Make sure that the details are correct, then click on ‘Checkout Now’


Step 5) Read through the details of your shopping cart and then click ‘Place Order’. You can now download your purchase.


Step 6) On the confirmation page, you can download your new add-on by clicking ‘Download Your Products’ or ‘Download File’. This will send a .zip file of your purchase to the Downloads folder on your computer.


Step 7) To upload your add-on, head to the ‘Plugins’ section of your Dashboard and then choose ‘Add New’ from the Plugins page.


Step 8) On the ‘Install Plugins’ page, click on ‘Upload’


Step 9) Click on ‘Choose File’ and look for the Amazon Payments .zip file and upload it by clicking ‘Install Now’.


Step 10) When the plugin has finished uploading, click on ‘Activate Plugin’ to finish the process.


Step 11) To find your new add-on, click on ‘WooCommerce’ from the Dashboard. This will take you to the Settings section, where you should click on ‘Checkout’ to find Amazon Payments Advanced.


Step 12) If you don’t have an Amazon Payments Advanced account, you can sign up for one from this page.


Step 13) Tick the box to enable or disable Amazon Payments13

Step 14) You can change the title to anything you want, but it should definitely have Amazon in the title to avoid confusion


Step 15) Enter your selling ID into the box provided


Step 16) The MWS Access Key can be found via your Amazon account via Seller Central


Step 17) The Secret Key can be found from the same location on your Amazon account


Step 18) If you are going to be conducting tests whilst developing your site, tick the sandbox box to ensure that dummy payments can be processed. Live payments will not go through when this box is ticked, so remember to untick it when your site is live.


Step 19) Payment Capture allows you to take payment at different times. The options are: Authorize and capture payment when the order is placed, Authorize the payment when the order is placed, and Don’t authorize payment when the order is placed (pre-orders).


Step 20) You can change the cart login button display from a button to a banner, or disable it completely from this section.


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