Setting Up Bank Transfer Payment in WooCommerce

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The next step to ensuring that the checkout options are optimised for an ecommerce website using the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin is to ensure that payments can be made via BACS (aka bank transfer or direct payments)…

Step 1) On the “WooCommerce” dropdown on the Dashboard, click on “Settings”, and then choose “Checkout” from the top navigational toolbar. From the toolbar below, click on “BACS”, and follow the steps below to enable and customise bank transfer payment options.


Step 2) To allow BACS payments on your website, make sure that the box below is ticked.


Step 3) BACS isn’t a commonly used term, which is why ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ has been used as the title below. Be as specific as you can and type it in the box provided.


Step 4) You can edit the description provided in the box below or leave it as it is explained. Depending on how different your BACS payment methods are going to be, we recommend that you leave these as they are.


Step 5) The same rules for Step 4 apply here. Only change the Instructions in the box if they need to be specific to your individual needs.


Step 6) For regular customers, you can save account details to this section. Click on “Add Account” and then enter Account Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Sort Code, IBAN and BIC/Swift to the table provided.




    1. Aaron Osteraas

      These are essentially reference numbers for international transactions, at least SWIFT is anyway, what exactly you require will vary depending on the country of your bank, so it’s best to contact them for the particulars and set up accordingly.

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