Configuring Checkout Options with WooCommerce

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The next step to setting up an ecommerce website via WooCommerce is to ensure that the checkout options are set up correctly so that sales can be made more easily via your website…

Step 1) To find the “Checkout Options”, head to your Dashboard and scroll down to “WooCommerce”. This will take you to the settings page, where you will find “Checkout” on the navigational toolbar. Click on that, and this will take you to the checkout options. We will look at BACS, Cheque, Cash on Delivery, Mirjireh Checkout and PayPal in later sections of the guide.


Step 2) The first step of checkout options is to choose whether you will allow for the use of coupons. Allowing this will enable them to be added on the cart/checkout pages.


Step 3) On the checkout page, you can allow for guests to purchase goods without creating an account, or untick the box if you want every customer who purchases goods from you to have an account. You can also choose to force a secure checkout.


Step 4) The Checkout pages section is used to create set pages for when customers head to the checkout. For the cart page, you can have a cart page set up, or send them to the checkout page directly. There are other options available too.


Step 5) The Checkout page can be left as checkout, or you could change it to the Cart page or My Account page.


Step 6) If you haven’t created a Terms and Conditions page for your site to direct customers to, you should consider it. Otherwise, you can direct them to your Home Page or About page.


Step 7) The checkout endpoints are added to your page URLs to specify actions that are taking place. They should be as to-the-point as possible, like the ones shown below.


Step 8) There are a range of payment gateways available that you can allow or not allow to be used as payment on your site. The status of each one is chosen in the chart below, and you can change the settings for each in the toolbar at the top of the page. We will take you through each gateway in the next few steps of this guide.


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