Editing an Existing Product in WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide on how to use the WooCommerce WordPress Plugin to set up an ecommerce site will take a look at editing a product that you have created for your website.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand sidebar until you reach “Products”. Click on that and you will find yourself on your main products page.


Step 2) Hover your cursor over a product to see the options available to you. Here you will find “Edit”. Click on this and you will be taken to the product page.


Step 3) On the product page, you can make all the changes you need to make to improve the page. The example below shows that we have added a description for our walking boots.


Step 4) Once completed, click on “Update”, then choose “View Product” once the page is updated.


Step 5) The product page has now been updated with the changes.


Step 6) If you need to make any more pages, click on “Edit Product” from the top navigation, or repeat the steps from the top.


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