Setting Up Email Notifications of New Orders in WooCommerce

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In this section of the guide to setting up an ecommerce website using the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, we’ll show you how to setup email notifications of new orders.

Step 1) New order emails are sent out when a new order is received, and you can set these options by heading to “WooCommerce” from the Dashboard, and then by choosing “Emails” from the Toolbar on the Settings page. The new order settings can be found on the secondary toolbar below the main toolbar.


Step 2) You can enable or disable the New Order email notification by ticking or unticking the box provided.


Step 3) The reciprient is defaulted to the email address used to set up your WordPress account, but you can set other recipients by adding them in the box provided. Separate each email address with a comma.


Step 4) You can create a generic subject for each New Order email by entering it as shown below.


Step 5) Each email notification will be given an Email Heading, and you can change the main heading or leave it as “New customer order” as the default below shows.


Step 6) You can choose to send your emails in different formats, including HTML, Text and Multipart.


Step 7) If you would like to change your email template, you will have to follow the instructions below and copy a .php file into your theme folder. For the most part, people tend to leave the email templates alone, unless they 100% know what they are doing in the editing process.




  1. Ben Brown


    I would like to forward the admin-new-order.php page to a third party. I understand by you article how to do this in the settings. But my issue is that the email to the third party should not include the prices we charge clients.

    I should just include the Product and Quantity. Plus all the other details except the prices.

    This is an effort to automate some of the workings of the website and to reduce the workload so that we do not have to keep re-typing the orders to the suppliers and the packers.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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